UNION MUSIC GROUP is a multiplatform entertainment company with a focused approach to Music Publishing, Digital Distribution, Event Production and Neighbouring Rights Management

By specializing in the Latin market for the last 15 years, UNION has achieved incredible success based on a full circle business model.

Based in the US and Colombia with a solid network around the world, UNION brings defined solutions for its clients and concrete results for a wide network of Music Publishers, Record Labels, Brands, Rights Owners and everyone who seeks success in the Latin Market.


Manager of a Latin Grammy winners and nominated artists, created and launched a national distribution label, owned a state-of-the-art recording studio, manager and owner of publishing catalogues, producer of tenths of records, events, concerts and tours– these are just a few of the things that Ricardo can lay claim to. However, it is really his positive attitude and friendly demeanor that have truly defined his career.

His over 25 years of experience have allowed him to travel the world and encounter many different situations in the music business. His ability to problem solve and stay true to the vision are assets that are highly sought after. Ricardo’s ability to gracefully guide his clients and continuously create successful enterprises have allowed him to stay passionate and at the top of the Latin Music business.

Over the past 20 years, Jamil has built successful companies in multiple business sectors including finance, construction and technology. His deep interpersonal skills, attention to detail and financial knowledge have been the recipe for success in both his businesses and as a board member in numerous international organizations.

Throughout his entire career, one thing has remained constant and that is his passion for music. This passion has led to impressive financial results for artists and entertainment companies alike. Year after year, he continues to build relationships and sharpen
his skills, thus expanding his reach and success in the entertainment industry.



Sonia is an established attorney specializing in intellectual property, copyrights, neighboring rights, digital and royalty collections. Prior to joining Union Music Group, she was the Director of the Colombian Publishers Association (ACODEM), Managing Director of
Universal Music Publishing – Andean Region and Director of Business Affairs of Universal Music Colombia. Her Law Firm is responsible for the collection of neighboring rights on behalf of the APDIF, the Association of the local and multinational record labels.

Sonia’s vast experience in the administration, collection and legal aspects of the music business allow her to work on behalf of songwriters, publishers and artists to ensure their appropriate representation. During her career, Sonia has represented thousands of composers and catalogs and overseen more than 50 million dollars in combined royalty collections.